Long time

Life has just been truckin along and while my head has been a mess with thoughts none of them seem to want to share themselves. I’ve had no desire to write. This pregnancy has taken me in ward, I’m circling the wagons so to speak-gearing up for the change. Lying in bed at night I try to imagine how our days and nights will go. I am planning, figuring, forming solutions to problems that don’t exist yet.

The pregnancy has been going very well (knock on wood). Every test has come back excellent and I am still running through my days like nothing has changed. The baby’s movements are now visible and easy to feel. That is one of the most awesome parts of pregnancy. It’s something you can share with the outside world and a constant reassurance that the babies are thriving. Our girls are busy and change positions a lot. My belly is never the same shape and never symmetric. I have another check up in a week. I hope they will do another ultra sound; I really want to see them again. I also have my glucose test, in the last two pregnancies I never had any problems so I don’t think this time should be any different (knock on wood again). I think after this next visit my apts will become twice monthly. Exciting and stressful, since we have to coordinate taking care of the kiddos every time I go. I worry that Ev’s work will stop being so tolerant with my need of his time. I really wish doctor’s offices stayed open later or opened up earlier. That would take care of the problem and I’m sure not just for my family.

We celebrated Aidan’s 2nd birthday this past Monday. It’s odd to think he’s two. It doesn’t feel like 2 years have gone by, but it also feels like he’s always been with us. He amazes me everyday. We decided to go ahead and start the potty training process the day after his birthday, in hopes that he will be well on his way by the time the twins arrive (more wood knocking). It’s been pretty awesome so far. I set a timer and he sits on the potty every 20 minutes. I work hard on not making it a nagging thing but a fun-we sing songs and get stickers thing. He’s actually excited when the timer goes off and runs to sit on the potty with no prompting from me. Even better then that-yesterday he started going without the timer. I don’t think I could ask for more and feel really good about the process so far.

Oh and in other annoying news Paris Hilton has been let out of jail and put under house arrest for the remainder of her sentence. Just goes to show if you have enough money you can get away with anything.

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