Happy Saint Patrick\’s Day

Blessing Engraved on Saint Patrick’s Breastplate
May you be blessed with the strength of heaven –
The light of the sun and the radiance of the moon –
The splendor of fire –
The speed of lightning –
The swiftness of wind –
The depth of the sea –
The stability of earth and the firmness of rock.

I love St. Patty’s Day…it’s a fun no pressure holiday! While you’re out drinking green beer don’t forget to make a toast…
Long live the Irish! Long live their cheer!
Long live our friendship, year after year!

I bet you didn’t know that Saint Patrick’s day was first publicly celebrated in America in 1737 (Boston)… and the shamrock is part of the day because Patrick used to use it in his sermons to represent the Trinity. It showed that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit could exsist seperately but be part of one entity. His followers began wearing shamrocks on his feast day.

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