Who Cares!

the boys
My boys share a room. They have matching beds (we just moved Aid from a crib to a twin on the floor with a bed rail). Every night within an hour of each other they go to sleep. No fussing only kisses and whispered sweet dreams and I love yous. The sleepless nights with tossing, flopping, nursing babies seems only a memory. The sweet smell of fresh baby hair snuggled in the crock of my arm, a sweet little moon lit face softly breathing seems only a memory. A memory I wouldn’t trade for anything and miss from time to time. My mom said something recently that really struck a nerve, made sense and helped me put things in perspective. She said she thought it was important and wonderful that I get to stay home with the boys ,and what a wonderful thing to be able sit around in our pjs and play all day-the dishes and laundry aren’t going any where, but my sweet boys change every minute. And every minute that passes they are growing up and out into their own lives. So if you happen to stop by for visit just ignore the laundry every where and the days worth of dishes in the sink because I was too busy enjoying my boys for such boring things! Ok so really I do pretty good with keeping up with all that but now the boys come first-outside bike rides, chalk drawing on the sidewalk, trips to the park, then if there’s time-dishes, laundry, vacuuming. It’s all about priorities right!?!