Well we went to story time again and I’ve decided it’s not for us. Lennox is too active and it’s just not exciting enough to keep his attention. It’s play ground city for us :)

Evan’s family was up this past weekend…and I was a little nervous before hand that it would be too crazy. I haven’t been handling stress of any kind well lately. I tend to over do everything and wear myself out. But ya know what not only was it not stressfull-it was fun! I love my in-laws (I’m blessed with good ones). We had a great time showing them around San Fran. Lennox was in heaven with his cousins here… he is so worn out that he’s gone to bed early every night this week. And lets not even mention the fact that I didn’t cook or clean a thing for 2 days! I really wish there was a way we could live closer. Lennox and his cousin Jack would be very close (I have a feeling they will be anyway), and we wouldn’t have to worry about finding kids for Lennox to play with- he’d have instant friends.

It’s hard be bi-costal…I wish I could pack my family up and move them to Bakersfield. Then everyone could be in the same place and we’d have more of a chance of living near everyone. At the moment neither of our families live where Evan could find work…it’s hard for them to understand that. Really we are in the perfect spot for what he does now…so I think our families should pack up their lives and come to us(ok wishful thinking)