We have hit yet another potty wall. Things were going extremely well-too well. Bub was even going without a diaper at night. No accidents at night or during outings-we were done. Then a few days ago he stopped going…not just in the potty but at all. He holds it and holds it until it just comes flowing out all over his clothes and whatever he’s standing near. So we’re taking a break and going diapers all the time again. Last night was the first night. My eyes fluttered open happy in the knowledge that with a diaper on I was not going to find a pee filled bed covered in toilet paper and every towel he could find in an effort to clean it up before we get up. No sooner did I sit completely up did I see the tell tale signs (whole role of toilet paper-various towels) of a bed wetting. Bub still had on his pjs (odd because when he wets the bed he immediately strips) so I check him and he’s dry and smelling clean. Ummm ok how is this possible…ok maybe it isn’t pee. Further investigation confirms it is indeed urine. So what the heck. The only theory I can come up with is that he had the forethought to pull down his pants and pull up, wet the bed then pull them back up. I can just see him now…waking up early and laughing evilly to himself as he stands on the bed peeing every where. Laughing again as he wastes an entire role of toilet paper just because he can during which he decides it would also be a good idea to rub all the clean towels he can find in the pee. “Ha” he whispers to himself (so as not to wake us and cut short his plot for destruction) “Now mommy will have to wash everything again today…hehehe deny me candy before bed”. Ok so this is probably (not at all) what happened-but you never know. I was so hoping this diaper break would give me a break from all the pee-but sadly it seems to still be magically ruining my life or at least the carpets. Anyone else run into this problem? Is it just another wait it out I’m sure he won’t start kindergarten in a diaper kinda thing? Kids the moment you think you have em figured out they change the game.

In more positive news I have won (for now) one battle -teeth brushing. Recently this has become a wrestling match filled with lots of shrill screaming. So I spent a little money and bought Bub a fancy battery powered Spiderman toothbrush, and special Cars toothpaste. And by golly it worked. He loves it and is actually excited to brush his teeth-he opens up wide and lets me do all the scrubbing I want. So for now at least one part of our things we HAVE to do in a day is easy and fun.

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