No really what’s wrong with me?


I’m crazy. This is not an odd statement from a SAHM of two boys 21 months apart-although not why I’m crazy. At least once a week I sit in the bathroom and cry, frustrated and momentarily defeated-but still not why I’m crazy. Sometimes I think I might run away and join the circus-nope not why I’m crazy. So now I bet you’re wondering if none of these things make me crazy what in the heck could…well let me tell you it’s a doozie! I have two boys under the age of 3 (well until the 31st) and for some strange reason I WANT ANOTHER BABY(and so does Ev). Crazy right!?!?!? And it’s not even that I want a girl (although that would be nice) for some reason outside my logical reasoning skills I feel that our family is not yet complete. There is a battle going on in my head or maybe it’s between my head and my heart-who knows. But even surrounded by the remains of a horrible day I am still overwhelmed by the urge to have another baby. How is this possible? I still remember very clearly all the sleepless nights and carrying (umm still carrying) babies so they will sleep. And the nursing-oh my god the never ending hour after hour nursing. Aid’s only been weaned a month-WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME?

Crazy…ummm yeah

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