Ok so I just finished reading this-which I found here. And I all I think is “how can people be so stupid and perverted?!?” HELLO-all you people embarrassed and or horrified by the current cover of babytalk magazine-BOOBS are not just for SEX. Like everything in the cycle of life they are deeply connected and maybe that’s why people have such issues with breastfeeding. Yeah boobies are fun in the sac and nipple stimulation has been proven past a certain point to bring on contractions which can start labor. Oh wait are you embarrassed and horrified again-I just put babies and sex in the same sentence. Hey guess what we have to have sex to make babies. It IS possible to enjoy boobies as well as using them for their main purpose. It’s seems to me America needs to turn off their TVs and put down the smut magazines. Step back; take a deep breath and USE YOUR BRAINS! Breastfeeding mothers are not out waving their boobs around on street corners. No if they are brave enough to feed in public they’re almost always covered in some way shape or form and I’ll tell you what having breastfed two squirmy boys it is EXTREMELY hard to stay completely covered the whole time, not to mention how warm the baby can get while hiding under a blanket. I mean gesh I no more want strangers gawking at my boobies then they want to see them-but I do want to feel comfortable in public feeding my baby. And to sound cliché-God made us work this way for a reason. So if you are so horrified by breastfeeding you should be ashamed of yourself and KNOW FOR SURE we don’t want you looking-WE JUST WANT TO FEED OUR BABIES!

Sorry for all the caps but it just makes me angry and confused.
Don’t forget…

World Breastfeeding Week August 1-7th