I am so glad its Friday! It’s been one of those days when I begin to count the minutes until the kiddos go to bed. Spending the whole day at home usually ends this way-me insanely ready to sit down with a glass of wine and stare at the TV. Now why on earth would we spend an entire beautiful day at home…

Well yesterday we finished up errands early and decided to head over and waste some time at the park. Another new park, this one the best so far. It even has a bathroom that Bub uses! The day was going amazingly well. Errands done everyone alive and accident free (that’s right a whole day no diapers) We hunker down in the sand and are immediately bombarded by a group of boys. They wanted to use some of our sand toys, which is fine with me. I have no problem sharing, in fact I insist because how else will the boys learn. A couple of problems though, first they took off with all the toys. Left us not even a shovel. Then they wouldn’t let Bub play with them or even near them-just plain ugliness. Granted these boys were school age and probably the idea of playing with a 3 year old wasn’t very appealing, but leaving him alone to play near them shouldn’t have been a problem. But it was, so I ended up picking up all the toys while the leader of the nasty boys tried to tell me I could not take the toys away. Not bothering to respond I just kept gathering when he did something that stopped me in my tracks. Bub was standing watching me pick up the toys, when nasty leader boy (the only one who spoke to me) head butted him in the face. HEAD BUTTED him in the face. This is a school age kid-at least 7. Bub’s eye immediately turned purple and swelled, he began to cry so I picked him up. Looking up I waited for the boys mom to step in-you know reprimand, make him apologize, something –anything. She just sat there. I thought ok maybe she missed what just happened…”he just head butted him in the face-on purpose” she won’t meet my eyes and begins to pack her things. “Are you going to do anything, do you see my son-HELLO-your son just purposely hurt my child” still no response. So I do what any red blooded American woman would do…I yell. I don’t remember much of what I screamed after her as she hurried away but I don’t think she’ll be back to that park any time soon, because I do remember the last thing I said “you better not come back here because I’ll be waiting” Which in hind sight is pretty funny because what am I going to do put the kids in the car and beat her down behind the swing set. I just can’t believe she did nothing-didn’t even look at me. Maybe she didn’t speak English or maybe she was scared, maybe she’s the nanny. A 7 year old (I think) child head butting a toddler is unacceptable. That’s like kicking a puppy or throwing a kitten. I mean violence of any kind is not expectable but sometimes esp. with kids it’s understandable. But that child needs help.

So we stayed around the house to give his eye a day to rest. He’s not exactly the most still child and can get hurt in a padded room full of pillows. Not because he’s clumsy but because he’s insane.

Today was the first day of The Blogher Conference. Sadly I couldn’t attend but they’re doing something really cool for those of us left out. People have volunteered to blog live during each of seminars. I’ve been able to keep track of most of it all day. It would’ve been a really cool experience; not only because of everything I could learn but because of the people I would meet. All these people you read about and communicate with via comments and emails. They become celebrities in your mind or in some cases in lots of lots of minds. It just would have been really cool. Maybe next year.

World breastfeeding week is coming up August 1-7. Can you believe it’s celebrated in 120 countries on various dates. The celebrations actually started in May and will go till October all over the world. You can find out how and where to celebrate here.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!