And so it begins…today is the first day oh my new diet and exercise plan. I’ve been doing the exercise portion for a week now and it’s going well but the diet part started today. Day one of only meat/eggs/milk/cheese, veggies, and fruit. And it wasn’t bad. My exercise plan is walking for an hour everyday while pushing a kid full mammoth stroller. Then after the kiddos go sleep I do the Crunch – Super SlimDown: Pilates Yoga Blend. Its 45 minutes long so I do that while Evan catches up on freelance. Man the ladies in the video are in great shape so the whole time I’m doing it I dream about how my body will change. It also helps that a lot of the moves feel graceful-so instead of feeling awkward while I struggle through I feel some what graceful-almost sexy! So what’s the motivation for this life style change…well first August 2nd I have my yearly exam/physical and instead of being on the overweight side I want to be right on track. I want to be praised for taking such good care of myself and how quickly I lost the baby weight and then some. Then in November is Ev’s 10 year reunion and I can’t very well have him show up with a dumpy fat butt wife –now can I? No sir I want to strut in on his arm in the citizen jeans I’m going to get when I finally get to where I’m going. Ok so my goals…right now I’m (gasp)-155lbs. When I go to my exam I want to be at least 5lbs less-wishful thinking 10lbs less. By November I want to be back down to a size 8-I’m a 10 now. That’s not too bad right? Two sizes in what 4&1/2 months-well we’ll see. I’m going to keep track of myself here. Anyone want to join me? We can keep each other going strong and not cheating!

Belly Bye Bye Bye

ugly belly

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