I woke to the most amazing sound this morning…the giggles of my boys in their room. I laid there listening to their chatter. They are brothers, and now roommates. After a bit I got up and peaked in and sitting in his crib amongst many books Aidan sat happily flipping pages. Lennox was also sitting happily surrounded by books. So at some point they woke and then being the great big brother he is, Lennox gave Aidan books to peruse while they let me sleep in a little! Not something I expect to happen every day-but every once in a while suits me just fine.

We are still moving a long with the potty. He’s getting better at clothes on and using the potty, but still constantly strips down every chance he gets. I’m thinking partly potty training and partly he just really likes to be naked. This would be fine if we didn’t have a yard full of scratchy poky things. Clothes and shoes are required in our backyard at the moment.

Lennox’s birthday is quickly approaching. I can’t believe he will be three! Three years…I remember when I had very few relationships that lasted that long-friends included. It sounds like a long time but feels like only a few days.

I love watching So You Think You Can Dance. There are 2 couples I love, they have such chemistry. I love watching them for hints of what goes on off stage. I remember that feeling-that strong passionate feeling. You know the urges your inhibitions keep you from acting on-well at least until you are more then sure the feelings are reciprocated. It’s such an exciting time in a relationship. That’s a big reason why I like watching these people because it makes me remember when Ev and I first met. He made quite the impression on me. Left me spinning and out of breath. It was hard to hold back and take things slow, but we did and I think it made everything that much more exciting. I just couldn’t get enough of his company, even now 5 years later I still feel that way. It’s nice to remember that exciting time but I don’t miss it. The security, comfort, and friendship we have now makes for more passion then that exciting time could have ever known. There is nothing better then being completely comfortable in every aspect of life with your husband. Haha boy have I put a little too much into So You Think You Can Dance.