Hopping down the trail…

We’ve hit a potty training wall…so we’ve got the at home naked going potty down. No clothes and he is good to go-no prompting reminding does it all on his own. But the moment I put pants on him it’s all over. He is perfectly capable of pulling his pants down and up (he’s taken his pants off to remove and hide his diaper then put them back on many many times) and he can also tell before he has to go and hold it long enough to get to the potty and pull his pants down-out back while naked he thinks it’s fun to start and stop peeing so that he can hit every tree and bush-nice I know. So what’s the deal? Anyone else encounter this along the way to diaper freedom?

Aid now know as Buddha bean is just truckin along. He points at everything and chatters all day long-not much English (ok none) yet but I know it’s there because I ask him if he sees a bird and he points to the sky or where’s Peppy and he points to the dog. I’m trying to teach him a bit of sign language but nothing has caught on yet.

My tat is healing nicely and I can’t wait to see it finally done. I love the looks I get now…people checking it out- it is a little bright. I got my first compliment from a stranger. While grocery shopping at Food Max (my new favorite store) a stocker asked if it was a decal –he said it looked too perfect to be a real tattoo. I assured him that it was and then quickly realized the reason for his awe-his tattoo looked like Bub did it. It pays to do your research and make sure you go some place good. So I’ve started a new yoga/pilates tape-it’s the Crunch Super Slim Down Pilates Yoga Blend. It’s definitely a work out , but moves quickly so you don’t get burnt out or feel the urge to clock watch ( I end up watching to see how much time I have left) It’s hard enough to feel like your getting a work out but not so hard you dread doing it-no what I mean? I think if I can stick with it I might actually be able to where a bathing suit next summer. Cross your fingers for me.

Here’s some photos from the most recent grandparent visit…

the eckards

The Eckards

cary cindy boys

Grandma Cindy Grandpa Cary & the boys

cindy aid

Grandma Cindy & Buddha Bean

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