not doing a yoga video…

I made crackers tonight…well at least tried to. I didn’t roll them out thin enough so they’re more like pita chips, but tasty none the less. We’ve been working on how/what we eat and I’ll tell you what on a budget it’s not easy to eat healthy. Good food is gosh darn expensive! But I would rather blow the bank and feed the boys good stuff then save us money and fill them up with empty calories-know what I mean. I’ve had to get pretty creative with stretching food…like doing raw veggies, which we actually end up more satisfied while eating less. Speaking of eating less that is another saving grace right now. Ev & I are being very conscious of portion control. I just can’t wait for the day when we can shop at the expensive health food stores and buy things for dinner the day of-oh to dream.

We’ve had some pretty busy weekends and this one was no different. It started with a great BBQ. Some friends of ours have two little boys around the same age as Bub and Aid. We had no idea who would be there and we’re more then pleased to walk into a back yard full of boys between the ages of 1&4! It’s so different attending parties that involve kids (when you have kids) and their parents then the non kid functions. With few babysitting options we attend very few (none) childless events. So the boys come with or we don’t go. So when we come in to a party full of children and children their ages to boot-I fall to my knees and praise our amazing good fortune. A yard full of boys-sounds kinda scary right?!? Well this was far beyond our wildest dreams of good behavior. I think partially because of all our great parenting skills (wink wink) and partly because BBQ Host’s oldest son A is an amazingly sweet considerate diplomatic almost 4 year old. One of the little boy’s first reaction to Bub was to exclude him-new kid get outa here! But A stepped in and welcomed Bub warmly (they play together so well) while not offending the other little boy. It was quite the dynamic to see. A was a perfect peace keeper. Ev and I got to eat good food and enjoy good company-and we got a birthday invite as the cherry on the top of our really excellent day!

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