Boy oh boy what a month of changes. So yeah Aid is one! Woohoo. We spent the month of May weaning-which I can proudly say he is now. And with no pain or with draws. The weaning being successful we decided to make the move to his own bed. So I am also relieved and proud to say that this is night three. What an amazing feeling it is to get an entire nights uninterrupted (well not totally-but damn close) sleep. He goes down between 7-7:30 and sleeps until 5 or 6am! So when you factor in just a few weeks ago he was still waking up every couple of hours to nurse we are doing extremely good. He has taken all this change and transition with great stride. I think he’s going to be a roll with the punches kinda guy.

Our days have changed as much as our nights. Nap times in sync-crazy huh…never thought I would have the convenience dual napping. It is a wonderful thing! But I’m sure as I have just said this it will now change. But man has it been nice. We’ve been able to start our afternoon walks again. They sleep and I get exercise-which I am in desperate need of! So that part of the changes is good, but I’m not a fan of the lack of sitting due to the no more nursing. That was usually my computer time. Sitting is now for diaper changes, and dressing only. The rest of the day is spent running, wrestling and piggy backing. With Aid walking well and not nursing multi tasking has reach a new level. He got fast quick. But with the new chaos has also come new wonderful things. Like the boys chasing each other – pushing and pulling each other in the wagon. I get to watch my boys become playmates, which is so worth the moments I think my brain might explode-eyes pop out of my head.

The jasmine’s in bloom on our front porch. I love how it fills our living room with a soft smell of summer. The days are long and lazy, lots of afternoons spent dancing with the boys as dinner simmers. A year and 9 months almost to the day my cycle returned. It’s not the way I remember. Cramps are mild, everything light. Anyone else experience this after child birth? Periods that were once horrible are now just uncomfortable. Maybe it’s just that natural child birth is still very vivid my memory. Speaking of all things womanly…I’ve read a few things recently about breast feeding and how it’s perceived by the general public. And it really makes me sad that pictures of breast feeding mothers can be consider sexually explicit, or that someone would think breastfeeding is gross or wrong. When did breasts become so over sexualized that even women feel weird feeding their babies with them? For me breast feeding was never something I thought about-if my breasts work the way they’re supposed to then I was going to use them. I mean there is a reason why they make milk. Now I understand that people do have options and may choose not to nurse. I’m not saying breast feeding is the only way. My best friend chose formula and that worked great for her. But for me breast was best. And this isn’t about breast vs. formula but breast feeding being sexualized. Breast feeding is a very basic human function, like breathing-it’s something our bodies do all on their own in response to having a baby. So everyone should embrace it – rejoice that we can grow and feed babies with our bodies. That is an amazing thing!