I had a wonderful visit with my mom. It’s amazing how much your relationship changes when you to become a mother. There is a special understanding that comes from growing and birthing a baby that gave me a new appreciation for my mom and her wisdom. Going through my day I sometimes stop and wonder how she would handle things or did the thoughts that run through my head also run through hers. And I don’t think there is a higher compliment then one from your own parents regarding your child rearing. The boys of course took to her like she lived next door. She slept in Bub’s room and the first morning she was here he crawled in bed with her and snuggled up for most of the morning. Then when they joined us in the living room he informed us that she is “My Grandma”. No sharing with Aid or Peppy or even me. In the week she was here he rarely left her side. They went for countless walks and gathered so many snails we now have a snail farm in our backyard. My goodness does he love her. Aidan took many first steps for her to see and Lennox even starting speaking much clearer. I think the only thing that could have made it better is if my dad and sister had come.

My 30th birthday was amazing. It started when my mom got here and feels like we are still celebrating. The day of my birthday I got to sneak off for a manicure and pedicure at a fancy day spa. Then we finished the day off with an Indian dinner. I got amazing gifts and even have gifts still coming…can’t beat that. Today is the first full day with no Grandma Diane and although I feel out of place and sad our day is going well. Her visit refilled me emotionally. Its wonders what a visit from a mom or dad can do for you.