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One of those fun heated issues, please chim in and let me know your view! These are my random thoughts…
I have to say something about all this immigration protesting. In my area it’s all over the news and really it makes me angry. I think people are over looking the ILLEGIAL aspect of this whole thing. America isn’t saying “hey you can’t come here” America is saying “hey are doors are always open-you just have to go through OUR DOORS” not dig in under the back fence or sneak in an unlocked window. As time passes the things people are protesting get farther and farther from what the real issues are. Like now the big thing is ILLEGIAL immigrants are being treated like second class citizens-hey guess what YOU ARE NOT A CITIZEN. They are even going as far as calling this a civil rights movement comparing themselves to African Americans. Maybe I’m remembering this wrong but back in the days of slavery weren’t they brought here against their will-they didn’t climb fences and wade through rivers. And you know what else if you were a citizen then you could demand minimum wage and benefits-but you would also have to pay taxes, and learn the language. So yeah you get paid less-but you are living in our communities, driving on our roads, and sending your kids to school and not paying for any of it. I think the real issue is the companies hiring these people-if they were more closely monitored and could not hire illegals then maybe so many wouldn’t flock here for work. Don’t we have our own unemployment problems? And doesn’t this say a lot about Mexico…maybe the Mexican government needs to pay a little bit closer attention to their own people. Ok and another big slap in the face goes out to all those people that went through all the correct channels to become citizens and work here legally. I just can’t get past the illegal aspect of all of this. Ok so yeah this is a bunch of rambling mess but I feel better having said it all.

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