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Rain Rain go away…

Today was productive. We cleaned almost the entire house and I got more then my task goals done. Very excellent considering we’ve got guests comin a callin tomorrow. It’s always nice to have a clean bathroom for visitors…know what I mean. Life in mooshoo land has been a flurry of ups downs and general busyness. Spring seems to be visit the mooshoos season. This is A Ok with me. I love having visitors, but it sure does make time fly. Not much time to spend inside ones thoughts. This just so happens to be good for me because I can’t seem to shake some unlike me feelings. That’s why I haven’t written much. I have a doctors appointment Tuesday-at which I’m hopping we can eliminate these unlike me things.

In other rather exciting news…Aid took his first steps! He’s been standing up with out pulling himself up on anything and will stand up in the middle of a room waving his arms around for balance. Two nights ago he did just that and looked over at Ev and I who quickly offered encouragement. He thought about it for a moment and took a step! We cheered…he stood for a few moments more and very purposefully took another step, standing again for a few minutes teasing us with the anticipation of a third-but sat down instead. He hasn’t done it since but I think I am ok with that for now. These past 10 months have gone by fast enough. He is such a happy little guy, smiling and clapping with a squeal in awe of his little hands.

Bub is talking more, but sadly I do not understand more. He gets very frustrated and I feel bad for making him frustrated. He just doesn’t annunciate and everything is mashed together. So it’s hard to know when word ends and another begins. But I’ll take the words I do understand and the frustration from the ones I don’t any day over not talking at all. That was much much much more frustrating.

I haven’t been writing but I’ve definitely been reading. I am an on and off again reader. Going for months with reading nothing more then the back of the oatmeal container. Then reading everything I can find. Although this time around I’m having a hard time finding new authors. I just finished The Red Tent (Thanks Heather-finally read it!) I strongly recommend it. My interests lately seem to be in stories about interesting and strong women-any suggestions?

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