Well it’s been busy in the land of Mooshoo…Ev’s birthday went marvelously! We baked him chocolate chocolate chip cupcakes with java chip icing and brought them up to his work, then took him for panini sandwiches. He got back to work just in time for the cake they got for him. The boys and I got to hang out and sing happy birthday and Bub finally got hold of cupcakes-which he had been asking “CAKE” for since we made them. We should have just put some frosting in a bowl and given him a spoon, because all he did was lick into a mushy mess then hand it to one of Ev’s co-workers. He then proceeded to run around in circles and dig at the carpet like a maniac. Everyone commented on how fast the sugar kicked in…but ha-ha that is how he always acts! When Ev got home we rented a butt load of movies and got Chinese take out. It was a fun birthday for all of us.

Aidan spent that weekend sick. He had a pretty high fever and something in me said –Roseola-but I took him to the doctor any way to make sure. And guess what –Roseola. His was a really mild case, you could hardly see his rash and he really didn’t seem all that upset. Bub got it right after his first birthday and was miserable, his whole body covered in a bright blotchy red rash. I knew what it was then too but took him to the doctor anyway. Who would of that mother’s intuition could go that far.

The biggest thing though was I got a makeover. I finally did what I’ve been threatening to do for years. I went to a salon…dyed my hair a very dark chocolate brown and got a betty page hair cut. I plucked my eye brows and have been experimenting with makeup. Having worn very little for years I’m really out of practice. I’m going for a kinda rockabilly look. I just have to get some dark lipstick and new clothes. As soon as the transformation is complete I will do a before and after post. I bet you’re wondering why I would want to do something so extreme. Well in my little stay at home mom world I don’t have anyone to answer to and this is spicing things up. I feel more confident, oddly-more like myself. I guess I like being different. I know millions of girls have this look but I’m doing my own version. I want to be different but still compliment my skin tone and features. So I’m modifying the look to work for me-well rather trying to. I’m just tired of being natural and dull. I want to be flashy and exciting. I just wish I had someone to help me with the whole makeup thing. I used to be a pro but have become very uncoordinated and can’t seem to even put eye liner on right. But practice makes perfect-which is why I’m not posting any pictures just yet.