When I was 7 I got to meet Brooke Shields. She was on one of those Bob Hope specials (back in the day) that just happened to be on the aircraft carrier my dad was on. A Brooke Shields doll had just come out and I had one-it was missing a foot that had been chewed off one afternoon when we left our golden retriever George home alone. At the time my Dad worked in the ship store and got to meet all the stars appearing in the special. Some how while meeting Brooke it came up that he had a daughter who had her doll and how much I would love to meet her. Turns out she was also doing some promoting of her doll and the local news station was going to record our meeting. I was so excited-picked out a blued flowered dress and insisted we get her flowers. The only thing I had to do was when asked what my favorite doll was-was say “My Brooke Shields doll” So we met and everything was going well-I hadn’t peed myself and wasn’t embarrassing my parents yet…then the reporter asked “so Courtney what’s your favorite doll?” Before he finished I blurted “Barbie” happy as a clam. Brooke smiled and the reporter said ok lets try this again “Courtney what’s your favorite doll?” “Uhhh, Barbie?” This time on one was smiling and the reporter said, “no remember you are supposed to say “My Brooke Shields doll ok?” I nodded and he asked me again…and again I gave the same reply-“Barbie” I knew what they wanted me to do-but I just couldn’t seem to do it. To me my Brooke Shields doll was a Barbie-why was this not the right answer? So needless to say I missed my 15 minutes of fame. If they could have only come to me a few years later-I mean really I was 7.