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Rambling over chai

So apparently I have super human healing powers…all of Aid’s top teeth have decided to come in at once (ok so it’s not all- just both his front teeth and canines) The only time his teeth don’t bother him is when he is touching or being held by me. So the only conclusion I can come too is that I have special baby pain killers in my skin.

I just read the best book – Memoirs of a Geisha. Oh my-was it a wonderful book, I finished it in 2 days-I just couldn’t put it down. What an amazing, sad, and complicated life they lead. I can’t wait to see the movie. Speaking of …it is causing quite a stir in China. The Chinese government feels that beloved Chinese actresses playing Japanese courtesans could cause lots of bad feelings. Gong Li, Zhang Ziyi , and Michelle Yeoh are mega stars in China and some Chinese feel insulted by their playing Japanese prostitutes-but if you read the book you will quickly realize that geisha are not prostitutes. In the end it’s just a role these women are playing that would probably have been filled by Japanese actors had there been any as popular as these actresses are right now. What it boils down to is China is still angry about the invasion and occupation from 1937-1945 and doesn’t think Japan has done enough to make up for it. So the government has banned the movie even though it made it past their own film regulator. Which is sad because even though I haven’t seen it I am sure it’s a great movie intended to entertain us, and by making such a big deal China is only furthering its popularity. Back to the book…

Sayuri’s life seemed so long, like she lived the life of 5 people. I bet it would have been really cool to know her and I am so glad she shared her stories. I forget that there are other ways of living and how different all the cultures are. Reading the book has opened areas for me to explore and I can’t wait to learn more about geisha. Isn’t it great living in a time when most anything you want to learn more about is literally at your finger tips. What an amazing resource the internet is and to think my boys will grow up never knowing a world with out it blows my mind.

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