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Bath Tub Thoughts

The boys are sharing what I’m sure will be many baths together. Bub beats the toys on anything that will tolerate it-pleased with all the noise he can make. Aid loves to stand and uses what ever means possible to do so…he is bobbing up and down looking at me from the inside of the tub right now(well earlier when I wrote this). Bub is still having problems sharing; all tubs toys are horded behind him. I ask him every few minutes “can you give Aid some toys to play with”. Sometimes he does, most of the time he doesn’t. Luckily Aid could care less. I’m sure this nice quiet shared bath time will soon become battle tub 2000 and I will have to take on the roll of referee instead of writer. Until then I am completely enjoying sitting on our new plush lime green bathroom rug, unloading some of the words in my head.

I’ve gotten some new cool stuff recently…the biggest is The Ergo Baby Carrier. Best thing ever!!! I can carry Bub and Aid in it-not at the same time of course…but they both love it and I find it very comfortable. I carried Bub my 30lbs two year old all over Target and never once had any back pain. It was actually one of the easiest shopping trips I’ve had since 2 kids. They are pretty expensive, but I got one on sale-woohoo! I also just passed on my Bjorn(which I loved loved loved) to my sis in law, but still have kids that need to be held. Aid just weighs too much and is no longer comfortable in the Bjorn. So I needed to replace it and my very best lovely friend who has a daughter about the same size as Aid got the Ergo and said she loved it. So I justified the cost by giving up the Bjorn and getting something that I can use with both boys until they weigh 50lbs.

Ok so because I now have a carrier that will mostly be worn on my back I needed (haha needed) to get a new diaper bag( I use a backpack now). I found a really nice messenger bag at Target and because it was so inexpensive I decided to look for a wallet to go with it and found one on sale. It’s amazing how little things like that make you feel new, more organized. My new wallet can even hold the checkbook…not that I write checks often enough to carry it with me but at least it has a place to live now.

I’m on a change my house kick so I got this really cool scent diffuser thing from World Market-Asian Poppy. It smells so marvelous, and really fills the entire house with the scent. See we live in a duplex that has quite a few things we don’t like and can’t change, so instead of focusing on them I’m working to make the things I can change out shine the things I can’t. So I walk around making mental notes of things I want, like good smells, soft sheets, vibrant colors. I love walking through the Ikea showroom. I find such inspiration there. I walk around putting together our future home, when we have a house to put all those things in. Just so many cool things.

Ok so probably the best thing I bought was a little notebook that fits perfectly in my new diaper bag. I got it so when I’m hanging out in the car while the boys sleep, or lounging on the bathroom floor watching them play in the tub-I can write. Compose my posts when my mind isn’t going in thousands of directions. I’m hoping that I will be able to be more focused, write more interesting posts.

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