Well Ev left for Chico this morning with his buddies to visit another buddy who runs a really cool independent magazine featuring art, poetry, and photography of the local youth-VOICE. It’s a really rad non profit organization and I think very helpful in directing and helping young artistic people! So if your looking for a good place to donate moolah Voice is it. Anyhow since Ev and his boys were hitting the bricks the Ladies and me decided to take the boys to the zoo. It was such a great day…we drove up to the city had lunch at a really cool little spot and Bub actually sat almost the entire time we ate. He was very well behaved. Then we headed off to spend the afternoon with animals. I think the best part of the day was Bub in the petting zoo telling the goats ” sit ” before giving them those little food pellets. He had so much fun petting, brushing, and feeding them. Bub just did so well he didn’t have a break down until right before we left- for all the stimulation he got that was really a miracle. It’s weird when you think about it…visiting the zoo. Going to visit a bunch of caged animals with your kids. If I think to long about it, it makes me sad. Here’s some highlights from our day…




me bub aid

me bub

bub goat

petting zoo

the ladies