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My relationship with Bub is strained again. The cute counting incident have left my count downs to time out completely meaningless and ignored-well other then to join in. He has actually been challenging everything…fights his day every step of the way. He would be happy naked –pooing and peeing where ever-alone in his room with cartoons and cheese puffs. But I am a mean mommy who forces him to wear clothes and eat veggies.

Then there’s Aid-who is a joy all day-but no fun at night. We co-sleep…we did it with Bub and it worked really well. Everyone got to sleep. Well Aid seems to have gotten a different manual regarding night time etiquette. During our bad weeks he nurses all night long, grunting and crying to switch every half hour (right as I am about to fall asleep) These bad weeks are happening more frequently and I past empty a few months back. Anyone have any suggestions…don’t be shy- lay it out there. I need help.

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