So lately I’ve been using time outs as punishment with Bub and it usually starts with 2 warnings… “if you keep doing that or don’t stop that -you will go in time out” Then I usually have to count to three, by three he stops whatever bad thing he’s doing. Well today in target he was pulling out all the credit card applications while I was trying to do my debt card and so we went through our little dance…”Bub those aren’t yours-look with your eyes not your hands”…again “You’re touching-stop touching” Mommy is going to count to three and you better stop touching and sit down-or you’re going in time out right here in target -One-Two” as the numbers come out of my mouth I realize I have an echo…Bub is counting along with me. Which of course makes me smile and squeal “Oh good job Bub, you’re counting” Then I realize oh wait you were about to be in trouble…bad Bub tricking mommy that way-no fair doing new exciting talking in the middle of being disciplined. Which of course had the check out lady laughing and shaking her head. Oh yeah I’m not a relatively new mommy or anything.