Aid General the kiddos

7 months

Dear Aid
7 months of joy
7 months of exploring
7 months of smiles
7 months of tears
7 months of watching you sleep
7 months of falling in love over and over again

Today you are 7 months old. My big beautiful baby boy. When your brother was born I was awe struck by the love I was able to have for him. While you grew in my tummy I wondered how could I love another that much…would there be that much in me? The moment I looked into your little face and held you in my arms there was no doubt. Time is going by to fast and you are changing to fast…already crawling, pulling up. Soon you’ll be walking then running, but I will always remember the delirious joy in your eyes while I bounce you on my lap. The light angelic tone of your giggle and the sweet smell of your baby hair. I will remember the look of your face in the moonlight as you lay nursing in my arms. You are such a happy guy always smiling, even when you cry- you just can’t help yourself. Sometimes you wake up just as we’re going to bed or really early in the morning…you grunt and scooch then open your eyes and as soon as you see us you smile still half asleep. You lay there smiling happily telling us about your day or the dreams you’ve had in your little but strong voice. Then you fall sweetly back to sleep. I love you very much and feel so lucky to watch you grow and be your mom!

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