Boy has it been busy around the mooshoo household. Let’s see think I’ll start with last weekend…

I’ve been having a pretty rough time of it lately. My mental state is all foggy-post partum maybe? Everyone’s been sick and or not sleeping adding to the fun. I was feeling pretty bleak until last Saturday. Ev’s company holiday party-which was actually a holiday dinner. The McNasty came over to baby-sit and I don’t think Bub could have been happier. I think he has his first crush…he is in love with Mrs. McNasty. Oh my does he love her, she could have sat him in the corner all night and he would have been fine as long as she continued paying attention to him. The McNasty’s are newlyweds, and I think they are going to make excellent parents. They are so good Bub didn’t even cry when we left. So we got all dressed up and headed out.(last time we went out alone I was still pregnant-Aid is 6 months old) Just leaving the house Ev & I was fun…but man did it get better. We walked into a warm holiday decorated restaurant and were greeted with red wine and ahi tuna. I fell instantly into heaven. If nothing else happened the rest of the night I would have been completely happy with this experience. It got even better. I got to mingle and chat, hold hands with Ev. Then we sat down for dinner and at our table was a couple older then us, a couple younger and a single guy. The older couple consisted of Ev’s office manager and her husband, then the younger couple another one of Ev’s co workers and her boyfriend. The conversation took a while to get going…but once it did, I haven’t laughed so much in a really long time. Dinner was excellent…I had an amazing salad followed by exquisite salmon and ended with the most decadent mud pie in the history of the world. It was bad-I ate and savored every single bite. I love it when the wine kicks in and everyone gets tipsy. Except for single guy…he wasn’t so much fun…well other then to make fun of. Horrible I know, but he was one of those fresh out of college thinks he’s wonderful is really book smart and has no social skills kind of guy. He drank a lot and his face got so red he looked as though he might pop at any moment. He definitely showed why he was there a lone. Ev works for an amazing company. After the dinner the CEO stood up and made a speech about how much he appreciates and loves everyone. “The group” he said “makes him excited to come to work each day” Now his speech was enough to endear you to this man…but I have more. He and his wife have a 9 month old daughter, whom they brought with them. He held his daughter most of the evening while his wife ate and socialized. That small gesture tells me that his priorities are in order. He values his family and they come first. There are very few companies out there like this. I feel lucky that Ev is part of one. I was a wonderful night.

This week as been a flurry of present making madness. Ok so not so much…but Bub still sick and Aid is of sudden clingy boy, I feel like I’m struggle to get as much done as possible in my small increment of every one is happy time. I’m writing this now as Aid sleeps on my lap. He can’t seem to be with out me this week. I have to always be at arms reach. I love being needed but man does it always have to be when I have a million other things to do? Bub has been in this snack kick lately and that is all he wants to do…snack snack every five minutes. And some where he’s learned to put his hands together and say please in the cutest way possible-which makes it very hard to say no. I mean I always ask him to say please but have no idea where he learned to do it the way he does. It’s bad he knows exactly how to work me. So instead of fighting I’m going with the flow and trying to make him snacks that are at least healthy…like zucchini carrot bread and veggie meatballs. Things that seem bad but are secretly good. Boy I’ll tell ya being a mom is always and adventure.

We finally got new neighbors. It seemed like it was going to be alright too. A single older man living alone. Well so far he hasn’t been living alone and seems to have caught the park like a mook illness a few of our other neighbors have. We live in a very tight cul-de-sac, so if you park hanging out your driveway you block someone else’s, or if you park two cars out from the curb you make it almost impossible for some lese to get out of their drive way. It’s just very inconsiderate. He‘s only been here a week and is already being inconsiderate-no good. That and since they’ve moved in our electricity has been doing weird stuff, which makes me wonder what the heck they are doing over there. I just don’t get it, he seemed so nice and normal-like he would make a good neighbor. But we don’t live in the best area –the rent is cheap-so I guess you get what you pay for.