I haven’t felt much like writing here recently. Things have been a little overwhelming on the home front which is probably why. Everyone has colds and Aid has decided that he now only sleeps in 15 minute increments at night…so Ev and I are running way past empty. He has been uncharacteristically fussy these days too, wanting to be held constantly (bringing back memories of a baby Bub). It makes life extra hard when you have two little ones that want you all to themselves at the same time. I haven’t any time to sit down and write, and with all the neediness all my creative inspiration is zapped.

We had a really good weekend-despite the lack of sleep. Saturday we just hung out and tried to rest. We watched some movies-March of the Peguins-which was great! Sunday we went to our friends- The McNasty’s ;) for dinner. Mrs. McNasty is an amazing cook…she always makes extra yummy very cool meals. We we’re celebrating the holiday season and our friend Mr. Rhino’s birthday. Being the only one of our group who have kids making it to get togethers is hard. Unfortunately we don’t get to attend as much as we’d like because of the kids…or just being at a different place in our lives. But when we do I always thoroughly enjoy it. Having a few sips of wine and chatting with friends does so much for my soul. Esp. at the McNastys, where we chat over home made hot cocoa. I love visiting with them…they are just good people. The boys love them too. My boys are social guys and like most people…but they love very few. Their house is always warm and inviting, and they have endless patience for Bub running around their nice place pulling and poking all their nice things. I really appreciate having them as friends.