Dear Aid

You are 6 months old today…6 months ago you came into this world quiet and alert. You came out with cord around your little neck and everyone scrambled to make sure you were ok…but I knew you were fine, my strong little man. This has been a very fast and amazing 6 months. I love watching you as you grow and change. You are the happiest little person I’ve ever met, smiling with your entire face. The smiles come so easily too…you give them away freely to anyone that looks your way. There is a gentle kindness in your eyes; it’s very easy to see how much you love. You are on the big side and I imagine you growing into a gentle giant. You are so patient and easy. You’ve got the army crawl down and move all over the floor, and are very close to crawling on all fours. It’s obvious how much you want to chase your brother and the dogs. And oh how you love your brother…whenever he’s close enough you want his complete attention and squeal with delight when he tickles you. I love holding you and smelling your hair. I love how your cheeks turn pink after nursing. I love how you open your mouth and crinkle your nose when you smile big. I love how you squeal when the dogs come close enough for you to touch. I love the way you look at me, studying my face. I feel so blessed to be your mom. I love you very much!