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Well both boys are sleeping and I’m left with who knows how much time to write and I just can’t seem to nail anything down. My brain seems to be all over the place tonight. I thought maybe I’ll followNicole’s lead and write a “what I’m grateful for list”. I just can’t seem to get started. Then I thought maybe I’ll just make some lists…things I like-things I don’t. Didn’t get very far with those either. So as you might have already guessed I’ve decided to just ramble. Maybe at some point my thoughts with start to organize.

I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading online these days…found some really great blogs. Other moms going through and feeling the same or very similar things. It is so reassuring reading what these ladies write. I feel like I have these friends that I’ve never really met and don’t even directly communicate with. It’s strange but it works. Ev’s going to be adding my sites I love very soon…but in the mean time here’s a few
Sitting Still
Big D, Little D, Mista T, Ruffy, and Me
Momma’s on the edge
My Topography
Glimpse from a bubble
Diary of Nuwanda
and I know it’s bad but I love…Celebrity Babies

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