What a crazy day…we started out at the grocery store. I decided to skip a shower and just get out early, since that is when the boys seem happiest. I was right! The boys were wonderful and we had the fastest grocery store trip in the history of having two small children. I even remembered everything-something I haven’t done since Bub could walk.

Speaking of Bub…I’ve seen the light. Lately I’ve been so bogged down with what he’s not doing I haven’t seen what he is doing. He’s amazing. He puts himself to bed-HIMSELF TO BED! Sometimes in the chaos of our night time routine we’ll look around and wonder where is Bub…he’s in bed. No fuss, no tears, and in a big boy bed. It’s amazing he goes down around 8pm and doesn’t get out of bed till someone goes to get him. He’s only 2. For that alone I am very grateful. But it gets even better, last night he peed in the potty. We got undressed for a bath and I suggested like always lets go sit on the potty and this time he actually went. He busts out a couple of new words every day too, and in oh the cutest way. He and Aid were taking a bath together and he got my shirt wet and he looked at me and said “oh no, sorry” Holy moly, he’s been listening all this time. Holy moly he’s been LISTENING all this time. I can only hope he’s forgotten all the bad things that used to regularly flow from my mouth in moments of weakness. Please don’t let them make their way out in church or in front of the grandparents. We already hear “Shut Up” in an ugly tone…which I used to yell at the dogs…now I say “Hush” in a loud voice. And then there’s “stupid”…also in reference to the dogs. He’s just an amazing kid. He takes on every new step with confidence and grace. When we go any where now he walks by himself and almost always stays right with me. He never runs around grabbing things from shelves and what not. He’s only 2. I could just go on forever about his bounty of virtures…

After the food shopping we had to run some errands, so we headed back out to my favorite store-Target. I was hoping to find something cute for the boys to wear in our family portrait tomorrow, but was disapointed by their selection. All was not lost though, we are lucky enough to have a Children’s Place outlet. The boys will be wearing these with white button up shirts and jeans…and Bub will have on his black converse. This is really dressed up for us. We are a jeans and converse family. Bub walked the entire time. He was so funny walking along side me pushing Aid in the stroller. Every few minutes he would look up at me and tell me something in his language, then nod his head while crossing his arms in front of his chest. Such a little man.

So yeah tomorrow we are having our first portrait as a family of 4. It should be interesting. Getting my picture taken is always stressful, so I’m trying not to think about it to much.

We are also going to see Santa! I figured since we’ll be at the mall and the boys will be dressed up we could kill two birds with one stone.

Well I’m tired…I’ll write more tomorrow.