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I made something kinda cool for dinner tonight…white chicken chili with quinoa-Quinoa being the cool part. Ever hear of it? It looks like a grain but is actually the seed of a leafy green some what like spinach. It’s got lots of good vitamins and minerals…so much better then rice. It has the texture of barley and some say a nutty flavor-but I think it tastes like whatever you cook it with. Bub loved it, so it’s good with kids too. It isn’t the easiest thing to find. I’ve never seen it in the grocery store, but did find it at Whole Foods. I’m sure any store like that would have it. It’s simple to cook and much better for you then rice or couscous. So go out and buy some tonight! Ha, just kidding…I just really liked it and feel kinda cool for making it.

So Bub & I seem to be taking steps backward…He has stopped using the signs he knows and is back to squealing for everything he wants. I don’t know what provoked this regression, but I feel like all the progress we made is gone. It makes me sad. I wish I could figure things out, help him not feel so frustrated. I just don’t know what to do. One minute he’s severely independent and then wanting to be held and cuddled the next. I thought we made the transition to big brother already…but maybe it’s an on going thing. Maybe every time Aid does something new, moves more in his territory, everything changes, and we start all over.

Aid is growing like a weed. He is my quiet observer, drawing everything in like a sponge. Any day now he’s going to be crawling, he pulls is legs under and gets up on his hands for a few seconds at a time. I can’t remember does the crawling come before the getting yourself into the sitting position? It’s just crazy all the things they learn in a year. He babbles all the time, it’s so different from Bub. He makes different sounds and talks so much more. I never thought it they would be so different. He’s also eating solids now…we are up to apples, bananas, peaches, jar cereal, and peas! It took him a few weeks to warm up to the idea, but now eats like a champ. Bub was a noisy eater…Aid is just very eager.

I’m sure this all seems very boring to people without children. These people will realize after they have children how they take over your life. Not in a bad way… you give your life over willingly. Your world no longer revolves around you. Who ever decided child rearing was boring anyway? I think it’s more exciting then politics, religion, art, and definitely a very heated subject. We wouldn’t have all those social things without babies…there would be no us. And boy people have very specific ideas about how children should be raised. Want to start an argument at a party, discussion views on child rearing. When you think about it –it’s very amazing. We’re growing people here, living breathing, hopefully productive parts of society. What could be more exciting then that?

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