Today was a long day! I let life overwhelm and get the best of me. See our bobo neighbors are finally gone and I volunteered to clean the house. My mind said as the words “I could clean the house if you like” came out of my mouth-what are you thinking you can’t clean your own house. I guess I just like to help and didn’t really realize the extent to which this place needed to be cleaned. The bobos lived there for 4 years and in that time never cleaned anything. I thought hey how hard could it be. I’ll take the boys over with a bunch of toys and how much can they get into in an empty house. Well as I under estimated the cleaning I also under estimated my boys. Bub was busy ripping apart the living room blinds while I was trying to scrub 4 years of dirt from the floors…so much dirt on the hardwood floors that the shmegma that built up in the seems over flowed and covered the floor. Dissssgusting!!! Haha but that paled in comparison to the 4 years of soap scum in the bathroom. I scrubbed, bleached, bammed, and scrubbed some more. It was raining so it seemed cleaner until I went back today to finish and found I had only made a small dent. This is the point where I became overwhelmed…this moment while Bub screamed and stomped making as much noise as possible and Aid joined him with screams of anger for being brought into such a gross smelly place. I took a deep breath decided to just work on the blinds (Ev took down a few for me). I figured easy no problem right throw them in the tub with some soapy water and there you go-at least that is how it is at my house. I don’t know why I thought the blinds would be any different than the rest of the house-so no easy cleaning there. I finished one, Aid began to scream and Bub filled his shorts adding to the wonderful smell that already filled the place. So I gave up, decided this is too hard with the boys. This kind of cleaning you can’t do with a baby in the bjorn. I mean this is nuclear cleaning. I packed us up and came back home to call my landlord-tell her the bad news. “I’m sorry I can not clean the place after all, I know I started it but it is a bigger job then I thought and my boys aren’t cooperating blah blah blah. The conversation somehow ended with me still cleaning the place, except now I can take my time-whatever that means. That calm that came from deciding to quit was gone replaced by overwhelmed feel like I need to cry feeling. Well until I talked to Ev who said we’ll just do it Saturday morning and really we shouldn’t worry because our landlord probably won’t come back to check any way…I mean we’ve lived here over a year and just met her two days ago. I now realize why out place looked the way it did when we moved in…bobo cleaned it-or so she said. But on a good note we get to pick our neighbors! No more bobos, although we really haven’t had a lot of people interested.

Bub’s favorite words are Daddeee, bike, go, NO (short with conviction) in that order. He says lots of other things but those I hear the most. It’s so exciting to have conversations with him…even if they only consist of those words. Aid is sitting without support now. I can sit him up and give him some toys and it actually takes a while before he falls over. He hasn’t figured out how to get back sitting yet but I’m sure he will soon.