We made the trasition from crib to big boy bed this past friday…Ev put him to bed like he always does and we were hoping that he wouldn’t realize that he could get out of bed-but HAHA on us he got right up. So instead of just putting him back I went and laid down with him until he fell asleep. Big Mistake! He did sleep through the night and didn’t get out of bed till the morning but I had to do it again last night and ended up laying in there for 45 minutes-and duh it became clear that he wasn’t going to sleep because I was in there. Bedtime was now fun time. So tonight we’re doing it cold turkey..so far we’ve had to put him back in bed 3 times and he is currently crying-but staying in bed. So who knows what tonight will bring. It’s hard being a parent and realizing after you’ve already done the damage that what you were doing was wrong. But hopefully this won’t be to painful to fix.

Right now I’m hating the dogs. They drive me insane…at this moment we’re trying to be quiet not draw attention outside Bub’s room so he will go to sleep and all they keep doing is pacing back and forth in front of his bedroom door. The clipity clop of they nails on the hardwood floor makes me want to strangle them. That and I caught them breaking through the Bobo’s side of the fence again…not just digging under but also chewing and breaking the fence. Just what we need more holes to patch-our fence looks like poo as it is without 100 patched holes. They are just a pain and becoming more annoying every day. I don’t know what to do with them.

Back to Bub…there is now silence…hope that he’s asleep in his bed. In other news we went to the doc with fear of an ear infection(no infection) and found out Bub now weighs 27lbs! At his 2 year check up less then 2 months ago he weighed 24lbs-growing like a weed! We also weighed Aid and he’s already up to 16lbs 9ozs and it’s only been 10 days since his 4 month check up-when he weighed 15lbs 9ozs!