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Well I had this whole rant on being a singer built up in my head…but the moment’s gone, so maybe I’ll feel the urge again soon. It’s been a slow Saturday, raining again. We were planning on going to the chinese new year celebration but nooooo it had to rain. So we went to the DMV instead and woowee was that fun. It’s weird going to the DMV – reminds me of being in customs – even though I’ve never been through customs. I figured if I did it would look like the DMV. Since then we’ve just been home watching TV, the joys of rainy days. I did get to talk to an old friend who is getting married and having a baby. I’m very happy for her…she acts like herself around this guy and I’ve never seen her do that with boys in the past. So that leaves one of my highschool circle who isn’t engaged, married or with child. But she was the first to buy a house…so really she’s probably doing things in the right order. Actually there is one other friend from that time who will never marry, or have children….she died in a car accident our junior year. Becky, a very good friend. I still miss her.
nonnie, me, theresa, becky
Nonnie, Me, Theresa, Becky

I got another call from my oldest, dearest, best friend. She is pregnant too, 2-3 weeks a head of me. We live really far apart so I only get phone calls and emails(which I would rather then nothing at all) I think it’s just the coolest thing that we got knocked up at the same time! It’s her first so I get to share all the gory wonders of pregnancy with her, the only thing that could make me more happy is if she lived next door. She just cracks me up…so stuborn…severly independent-big reason why I love her so much. Pregnancy has been really hard for her and I think if we were closer maybe it wouldn’t seem so bad. She says this is it – no more kids….hahaha….what she doesn’t know is all the suckyness fades and all she’ll remember is how wonderful it was to feel her daughter moving in her tummy and how amazing it was to hold her for the first time. Time will pass and she’ll do it again and wonder what was I thinking doing this again. Our memory’s evil plan…letting us only remember the amazing parts of pregnancy and none of the bad…well until your in the middle of it all over again. But boy the result of nine months of mostly suckyness is well worth it!!! She isn’t going to breast feed either, she just doesn’t want to…and to that I say good for you. Now before I go further with this you have to know that I breast feed Lennox well into his 12 month and plan on doing the same with Aidan. I am a strong believer in the benefits of breast feeding. But I also believe that if you are not comfortable(emotionally…I don’t think it’s ever physically comfortable-you just get used to it) nursing , then it’s not going to work. It’s going to cause more problems then if you just went with you original feelings…so when I say good for her I mean that she is not doing somthing to make everyone else happy. She is going to do what works for her! More women need to adopt this train of thought….do what works for you. You’ll be a happier mom and wife.

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