I haven’t gotten very many comments on where the readers are from- 3 to be exact. It makes me wonder do I really have all these vistors…or maybe people lost interest because I haven’t been updating as much as I used too :( I mean really the whole point of these blogs is to talk to anyone who will listen and it’s kinda unfulling when you aren’t sure any one is listening at all. Ok so they are more then talking to whoever will listen but comments make it so much more fun. I guess I should start writing about more interesting things…things that evoke comments. But I’m one of those people who is afraid I might offend someone…so rather then really express my feelings I just don’t write about things like politics or religion. I feel like I need to know more about them before my opinions can really be valid-politics mostly. It’s just so funny I’m so worried about being over taken by being a mom-worried that-that is all I have to talk about (which is true) worried that I’m boring to my friends because I have very few who have children. And yet I still don’t make an effort to learn more about current affairs, you know well other then oooo britney just had her baby. But then again maybe I should just add some more moms to my friend list. And worry about current affairs when my kids are grown…that is of course if I’m even interested then.