I don’t know if anyone remembers but I said awhile back that I had a secret and I tried to find the post but can’t so any way…My sister& brother in law are are pregnant with monkey number 3! And we just found out today that it’s a BOY :) He and Aid will be the same age, well about 8 months apart. I think this is great because Jack and Bub are only a year apart and because of their birthdays will be in the same grade :) I never had any cousins my age so I think it’s so cool they will have eachother. Maddie is now the official princess of the Eckard grandkids. The jury is still out on wheither or not we will have any more kids. Things seem good the way they are now, but who knows what will happen in a year. And we will probably end up with all boys :)

I watched an interesting movie a couple of nights ago – Crash