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They made it safely

This is the hubby. Well, Courtney and the boys arrived in Virginia safely, even with all the chaos it took to get there. Airports are quickly becoming the new DMVs of the world – you don’t want to go, but you have to. You have to wait in multiple lines, you have to check all your paperwork and articles, you have to wait in more lines with other people that are just as irritated as you are and there’s security everywhere. The only difference between airports and the DMV is you don’t have to drive anything at the end.

So, after schlepping 2 car seats, a stroller a few bags, two kids and whatever else they had onto the plane; the boys fell asleep.

For all of 20 minutes.

I guess right in front of them, some other poor 3 year old’s ears wouldn’t pop, and he went into screaming mode which woke up our boys and the rest of the plane. If that wasn’t enough, another child 3 rows behind them spent the entire 5 hours puking all over himself and his parents due to motion sickness. What a mess. When Courtney and the boys arrived in DC, they wouldn’t let her father up to the gate to help her even though the airport personel said they would over and over again.

But they made it. Hopefully now the boys are in slumber, along with the wife. Hopefully the heat index is less than 90 there, and not sucking all of the moisture from their bodies. And hopefully, just hopefully, Lennox hasn’t given himself another shiner yet.

They sure have a daddy and husband here that misses them.

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