I’m writing as Bub screams in his bed :( He was doing so well and then Monday night decided he no longer wanted to sleep in his own bed. He wants to sleep in our room, I think because he knows Moe sleeps in there. Which would be no problem if he actually would sleep in there…instead all he does is play with the dogs and destory our room. So here we are crying it out again. I think he’s finally surrendered…after 15 minutes of heart wrenching screams. It just kills me. I guess life is like this though…not easy on a regular basis. So for every couple of good nights we have -there has to be one bad. Alteast we get the couple of good ones.

I got some new tunes…Jason Mraz, Mr. A-Z It’s different from the rest of his stuff-but still very good! I love Jason Mraz and think he will slowly take over the world ;) He is hilarious , with an amazing voice.

I have a new favorite show, So You Think You Can Dance, I love it-which is weird because I didn’t really like American Idol-but I can’t get enough of the dancing. I love that it’s on for an hour and half-how strange is that?! Oh while we’re talking about TV…I should mention Meet Mister Mom Mom’s are wisked off to their dreams vacations while the dads are left behind to hold down the fort. They have to keep up with the kids, the house, and some crazy challenges the show sets up. Then at the end they are graded on things like time management and nutrition. The winners gets moolah! Can’t beat that…I mean the mom wins no matter what.

I caught up with an old friend yesterday and we talked about how the world used to seem so big and now seems so small…isn’t strange how that happens. One minute the city you live in is vast and full of unknows and the next you can see across the world and it doesn’t seem so scary. Growing up sure does change things and then again so many things stay the same. Like you’re half a sixteen year old and half an almost 30 year old.