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Fun with suction cups

So my mom sent Bub a really neat tooth brush that has/had suction cups on the bottom. You could stick it to the sink or tub wall and it would stand all by itself. Lately he’s been brushing his teeth all by himself and doing a really good job…well last night he bit the one the suction cups off and was chewing on it so I dug it out of his mouth only for him to some how get it again and this time stick it up his nose. Yup that’s right way up his nose…so far that we had to hold him down and pull it out with tweezers. I have never heard him scream more in his short life and at the time I was afraid and thought we’d have to go to the emergency room-How great that would have been…yes I’m such a great watchful mother that I let my almost two year old stick a suction cup up his nose. Luckily Ev’s good with the tweezers! Boy I’ll tell ya never a dull moment.

Here’s Aidan sleeping through his shower 🙂

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