It’s gotten hot here the last couple of days and it’s rough with no air conditioning so the boys and I decided to head to the mall. We have a really nice one with a playground. So I thought Bub could play and I could get in a walk with out having to worry about heat stroke! My boys were so popular. Bub always amazes people with how social and happy he is. He loves to entertain and be the center of attention. He really likes interacting with the other kids and I feel bad for him because more times then not when he tries to hug them they cry or run away. Another mom sitting near by assured me that he would be just fine, her daughter went through the same thing and is still a very loving person. He cracks me up though…everytime he fell he’d stick his lip out and his arms for someone to help him up and when someone did-oh boy they were now his best friend and he’d run around with them for a while. Then he started to play with these older brothers-who were not very nice…they were shoving eachother and laughing like brothers do and the big one shoved the little one down and Bub was near by watching and ran over to help him up. Then he wanted to play the shove game and little brother shoved him down but just walked away and didn’t help him up. Bub was visibly hurt and got up and ran over to me-he never does that. Sometimes it’s hard to be so considerate :( Then there was the attention Pudge got. First they were amazed that I was out and about not losing my mind…luckily we were having a good morning so looks were very deceiving. It did make me feel good having impressed these other moms. Like atleast from the outside it looks like I’ve got things together and am growing 2 happy healthy boys. Pudge slept the whole time but everyone commented on how big and precious he is…aren’t they all while asleep-haha I thought you’d be singing a different tune if you were with me while trying to get him to sleep last night. I just beamed amongst all the glowing compliments. It makes me want to go out more…Although I also know that today was probably a fluke due to the fact that everyone broke down as soon as we got home-better at home then in public!