I’ve got a (hopefully) few minutes, just put Bub to bed and Pudge is sitting happy in his bouncy seat. Things have been crazy, good-bad-ugly! What a change another child makes, esp when you’ve already got one under 2. It’s hard being so far away from family. The boys are doing really well though. Bub is sleeping well again and seems to be completely over his transition troubles. We’ve been having pretty smooth days :) Pudge is growing like a weed… poor thing has a yeast infection and a gooky eye-but he’s still so mellow. Boy I don’ t know how these moms with 3 or for 4 kids do it. I’m afraid to go to the store by myself and I only have 2 kids. I have so much respect for them… as they wheel around twin 4 year olds with a new one strapped to their chests. I guess like all things you just get used to it. I remember being nervous about going out with Bub by myself… but I got the hang of it. And honestly I’ve been out a few times alone with them and it hasn’t been bad at all – not bad but not easy either. No more quick run in and grab things. Now everything must be planned out- prepared for – well if I want the outing to go smoothly. I don’t have any funny outing stories here lately either because I haven’t really gone any where – but I’m sure as I get more comfortable and go out more we’ll have lots of silly things happen. The few times we have gone out, I just get lots of commiserating looks, people either know what I’m going through or can only imagine the fun that fills my days. And actually here lately my days have been fun… Bub helps bath Pudge and then takes a bath himself in his tub, then I let him run around naked or just a diapered butt most of the day. We play outside and Bub loves to show Pudge how he can slide and climb. He pushes him in the baby swing and now seems to feel the same urgency I do when Pudge cries. If I’m in another room Bub will come get me and drag me to him. He’s going to be a good brother. Sorry if my thoughts seem in no peticular order… I’ve got mommy brain and I’m trying to write fast.

I’d like to say a BIG THANK YOU!!! To my Dad :) I now have to wear glasses and my dad made some for me. Now I can see-WOOOHOO :) I can see street signs before I’m passing them by. No more headaches hopefully. I’ve had them on most of the day today and they are comfortable but it’s odd and Bub is not a big fan (but then he doesn’t like me to put my hair in a pony tail so it doesn’t say much). Soon I’m sure I will forget I have them on. Oh and my mom made Pudge the cutest blanket, it’s soft with silk edging and Cat in the Hat all over it. She made one for Bub when he was born – Snoopy all over it – He sleeps with it every night and drags it around all day. It’s funny he picked it out all by himself. I think he knew who made it and why it was special. I know Aidan will feel the same way about his – Thanks Mom!

Oh and Ev redesigned his site www.viatrax.net
It’s very cool and you would be seriously missing out by not stopping by!