Just a quick update…Bub’s watching Barney (brainwasher/cult leader of children and yes I’m still letting him watch-hey if it gives me a few quiet minutes then so be it) and Pudge is sleeping in his swing-yup I have a child that sleeps when you put them down…can’t really get my brain around that one. None the less it gives me a few minutes sorta to myself-so here I am. Things are going well…so far today. Yesterday was a different story. We seem to have either really good days or really bad ones. They seem to alternate pretty regularly though so atleast I don’t have bad ones in a row and can look forward to the next day because I’ve already had a bad one-so that’s good. So for a while I’m sure my posts will be primarly about the transition from one kid to two…mostly because it is all encompassing. My world is all wrapped up in getting through each day alive-Ok so it’s not that bad…but it definitely keeps me busy. It’s hard now because I have one child who is old/independent enough to walk and decide what he wants to eat and what not…but doesn’t talk or really understand sharing just yet. Nor do I think he understands that Pudge is his brother and that means I’m his mom too…he just knows I’m his mom and feels like he should get all my attention. So we have lots of everyone crying at once…which as soon as they are old enough a rule will be inforced that only person can cry at a time. It’s hard when they both cry because that sense of mommy urgency goes off but you can only attend to one at a time. So quickly trying to fix one is made harder by the other crying. I keep thinking though that soon Pudge will be interacting with Bub more and they will entertain eachother and cry less. So yeah this first year will be difficult…but maybe it will pay off and they will be friends/playmates. My whole reasoning for having them so close together. Because it sure would have been easier to have like a 4 year old running around instead of a 22 month old…but then they probably wouldn’t play as well together and would be interested in very different things. It helps too that I have two boys. But I guess to in the end it depends on the kids…they could be a year apart and hate eachother and be 5 years apart and be best friends. I guess we’ll just have to see. OH and I’m trying out nicknames for Aidan so forgive me if they change :)