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Week three went really well…mostly due to my mom being here. We had such a good visit, it was hard to let her go home 🙁 Bub loves her so much and she spent so much time with him. He got enough attention to last him a while (but not that long Grandma Diane) I’m starting this week spoiled…my mom helped me so much last week with everything from dishes and laundry to entertaining Bub and Aidan so I could take a bath and paint my toe nails-you moms know how often you get those pleasures. It’s funny the things you take for granted…but I’ve decided that it’s only a short time that they will need and want me like they do-so I should enjoy it. I will have plenty more years to take baths and paint my nails-but it is nice from time to time. We did a lot of fun stuff too-like letting Bub help give Aidan a bath-after which he had to try the tub out himself. She even cleaned yesterday before she left so I’d start today with a clean house. I’m a lucky girl!!!

The boys are doing good…Bub seems to have settled into his role as big brother. He hugs and kisses Aidan-pats his back and talks baby talk to him. It’s really cute he gets really close to his face and babbles in a high pitch voice. Then the other morning I was nursing Aidan and Bub came over sat next to me-lifted his shirt and offered up his ninny(breast). He was ready to give me a break and take over the feeding. This interest in nursing made me a little nervous that he would want to nurse…but he seems to only want to help. He’s become such a big boy-so smart and independent! He even came up to me yesterday with a book open to a picture of a frog and said frog. He’s growing so fast. I think english is just sitting in his head waiting for him to let it out. Aidan is also progressing quickly. He’s awake a lot more now. He focuses and follows your face, and can hold his head up for short periods of time. He’s trying like you wouldnt’ believe to turn over too…and he’s almost got it. He’s our mellow, strong little tank 🙂

I’m adjusting pretty good too…this moving from one kid to two is hard-esp when they are 21 months apart. I’ve had my moments of feeling sad-confused-overwhelmed-breaking down. I think the trick is to know that that is all normal and ok. You are allowed to feel all those things, you’re allowed to cry and go outside and yell. You’re allowed to want/need time away. I’ve also discovered the secret to a good day- is to pay as much attention to Bub as I can. Take every minute that Aidan is sleeping and spend it playing with him. So three weeks into it I think I’m finally getting the hang of things-so now it’s time for them to change the game…

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