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Man did I wake up hungry this morning…..strong intense overwhelmingly hungry…if I don’t eat I’m going implode hungry. So while making Lennox some cereal I also make myself a bowl. It was the best cereal I have ever had…just a little sweet and soft in the gloriously cold milk. I’m surprised I was able to taste it at all–I pretty much just tipped the bowl up and slurped it down. It was so good…I considered using one hand to pour the cereal in my mouth and the other to pour in the milk. I feel like a bottom less pit that aches to be filled. The joys of pregnancy! I’m sitting here now thinking I am hungry again and it’s been about 10 minutes since I put down the cereal and milk. Aidan must be growing. He’s definitely a busy little monkey. You can already see my stomach moving from all his gymnastics. I love feeling him move it’s like constant reassurance that he’s ok in my tummy. It would be hard if I couldn’t feel him beacause what you get at the doctors visits are a quick listen to the heart beat and that’s that. I feel like he’s a summer camp and I only get a quick phone call to let me know he’s ok. I wish we could do an ultra sound every time. That way in addition to hearing his heart I could see it moving. Speaking of ultra sounds I have a question for the world…when we found out his sex the ultra sound was done in the radiology dept instead of my docs office (a new one for me) apparently they can take pictures of all the organs and the doctor can see if everything is developing correctly. The pictures are so detailed that he can even see all the chambers in Aidan’s heart. Crazy huh?!? Lennox was born not even 2 years ago and they weren’t doing this then…is this something new or was it just because I was in Virginia and they are a little behind the times? Oh but back to my real question…we were given x-rays (real honest to god x-rays) as our take home pictures honoring his manhood…does anyone have any idea how to scan these in? We have tried a number of different things and nothing seems to work. So if you have any suggestions please send them my way. Then I’ll post his picture here too!

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