So long time no write…lots of exciting things have happened since last friday :) Around 2 am saturday I started having regular contractions which had us headed to the hospital around 4:30 in the am. They admitted me and so it began…at 5 am I was only dilated 4 cenimeters, by 6 I was dilated to almost to 7 cenimeters. I was doing really good, breathing through my contractions and feeling very confident that I could do it with out drugs. It was weird one minute I’m breathing through pain like nothing I’ve experienced before in my life then the next minute I’m laughing at Bub running around the room. Yup bub was with us until it was time to push. I really think it helped me remain calm. At one point I started my breathing and Bub ran over and slaped his hands on the bed and started breathing with me-it was hilarious. Things were going really good and they decided to break my water and really get the show on the road. Well my whole world turned upside down. The contractions that I was somehow managing to breath through were no longer under my control. I wanted to get up and run or yell or something. IT HURTS!!! (which I did yell a few times) I asked if it was too late for an epidural and they checked me and I was still around 7 so they figured I had time and called for the guy to do it. It hurt so much and then all of sudden I felt like I had to push and the guy with the drugs hadn’t arrived yet. They checked me again and sure enough Aidan was ready to make his grand entrance…no time for drugs. I’ll tell ya though once it got to the pushing point it didnt’ hurt as much or maybe it just felt different…the end was near. I knew that pressure ment soon I would have relief and my son. I think it was about 20 minutes from the time they broke my water till Aidan made his debut. So yeah lots more pain but it went a lot faster then if I had had an epidural. I am proud of myself and feel very strong. I think I have recovered quicker too…I came home from the hospital and went right back into my normal routine. We’ve already had our first outing as a family and our first outing just us three. Yesterday was my first day alone with the boys. It was hard, mostly because Bub had issues all day, but we made it all intacted. Today went really well, we went on our normal walk(with the new mammoth double stroller that has a steering wheel that Bub loves) and I got some cleaning done-washed the stinky dogs-made banana bread. Life feels normal, like little bub has always been here.
me aidan