We had the best weekend…we went wandering around Palo Alto Saturday and today we went to the zoo. We drove up to San Fran early and had breakfast at Mel’s with some friends :) Then took Bub to the zoo for the very first time! He had so much fun…was a little crazy over stimulated at first but definitely settled down and enjoyed himself. He did so much running, walking and climbing-I’m sure he’s gona sleep for atleast a day. We took so many pictures (which I will post as soon as I get them uploaded). The craziest thing though…the San Francisco zoo didn’t have elephants-no elephants. Strange huh?!?! How can a zoo have no elephants? But we got to see everything else :) Then we went to stonestown mall…hadn’t been there since our wedding night when we ate Olive Garden (untraditional I know, but we eloped). We walked around the mall a bit then had dinner at Olive Garden. It was a nice walk down memory lane. Bub amazed everyone with his perfect behavior, he had pasta with broccoli and chicken-and he actually ate most of it-including the broccoli. It was a perfect day! We walked enough that there is a good chance Aidan could come tonight…which would be funny since my due date is tomorrow. So yeah no baby yet…but I’m sure he’ll be here soon. Ok so off to upload lots of pictures. I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!