Another doc visit today…I’m 2 centimeters and fully effaced. Doc says I could go at any time and we’re just waiting now. I have another apt next week that if I make it to-I will be scheduling my induction. So I know now that I offically only have 2 weeks left and boy does that feel good. I mean 2 weeks is a long time and I hope not to be induced but atleast I have an end. I sure would like to do this one on my own…but if I don’t oh well..I also don’t want to wait for Aidan to decide to come out. It’s getting hot and my belly is enormous…doing just about everything is ackward. I’m ready to wrestle with bub again and sleep on my stomach (when I do get to sleep) Well you know how it gets at the end…I don’t care how complicated our lives are going to get- I can handle it-just as long as I get my body back.