Friday fun…Bub and I did our normal friday grocery shopping finish cleaning the house stuff. Bub did amazingly well while we shopped this morning, I was in awe. He listened to everything I said and even stayed seated the whole time. It was amazing. We just hung out and walked the rest of the day–it was a gorgeous day! Still trying to help Aidan on his way out into the world. Speaking of-I got a nice surprise today…a friend back in Va sent Aidan a bouncy seat. If Aidan is anything like Bub we will get lots and lots of use out of it (Bub’s fell apart and had to be thrown away) I registered for it online and just thought it looked comfy and was reasonably priced. Well I don’t know how Aidan will like it-but I love it! It’s the fisher price soothe ‘n play bouncer. It is as cute as it looks in the picture and the material is soft and well padded. The toy bar is padded and the toy animal hanging closest to the seat is stuffed. I’m very happy with it and can’t wait to use it! I hope everyone has a great weekend :)